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Why Should I Use a Recording Studio, When I Can Just Do It At Home?

Many people have taken to the challenge of creating their own home studio, but stats still say that musicians tend to use professional recording studios. You want your music to sound the best it possibly can, so it would make sense to leave the graft to the professionals, wouldn't it?

Here are some of the main advantages of using a professional studio over your own home setup.

Experienced and Qualified Engineers

You wouldn't carry out a medical diagnosis without a doctor, or fix your expensive car without a mechanic - so why should your art be any different? Your music is valuable to you and you want it to be the best it can be, and the best way to do that is to leave it to the professionals. Not only can a talented engineer help to make your stuff sound ace, but they can give advice, operate equipment efficiently and help with session and recording organisation whilst working closely with you.

Acoustically Treated Rooms

It's unlikely that your bedroom will have its walls and ceilings covered with foam squares and wood panels with holes in - but that's the kind of thing you'd need to achieve an acoustically treated room suitable for good quality recordings. Professional studios will have these, and it sure makes a difference to your finished product.

Access to a Wider, Talented Musical Community

Really need that dramatic violin part to complete your masterpiece, but just don't know anybody that fits the bill? It's highly likely that your engineer will have musicians on speed dial. Using a professional studio will give you all the contacts and resources you could ever need all in one place and the opportunity to mingle with other successful artists.

Industry Quality Equipment

Studios are businesses and its therefore easier for them to have access to better and more expensive equipment than the average home studio. This will ultimately give you more options and better sounding work. The engineer will also be appropriately trained to use the gear properly and efficiently.

You Can Achieve More and Save Money

Home studios are expensive, they can cost £1000's to get a basic set up and don't just take our word for it ( So let a professional studio save you time and money as they have already done the expensive part.

When someone else (an engineer) is operating the studio, you can just focus on the music instead of trying to do it all. With less jobs for you to do, you will undoubtably achieve more in the time you spend on your music. In your own bedroom, it's very common to easily get distracted, and there won't be anyone to ask should anything go wrong or you need another opinion.

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