• Amy Schofield

5 Things the Artist Needs to Know Before Recording

There are two sides of a successful recording session - engineering and performance. It can be difficult for a musician or artist to know what to expect from their session and what they can do to prepare. Here are 5 tips to help you as a musician to get the best out of your recording session and capture your art in the best way possible.

1. Set a Goal Before Your Session

Before you even begin your session, it is import to know what instruments you're going to record, how many tracks you are going to record and decide a plan for your music with realistic goals for the time that you have.

2. Rehearse

For the recording of your music to be at its best, it makes sense for everyone to be able to play to the best of their abilities. Writing music is one part of the process, but making sure that everyone has practiced thoroughly will save A LOT of time and energy in your session.

3. Show Up Rested

Again, you want your art to be shown in the best light, but who can play at their best when they're tired? Ensure you get a decent amount of rest before you begin your session so you're fully ready to rock!

4. Ensure Good Timekeeping

Your time and money can only be used effectively if everyone is prompt. If you have agreed with the studio that your session will be 11am-3pm and you turn up at 12am, you will only have the three hours that remain to record. Include your setup time in the hours you have booked and turn up early to get the most recording time possible out of your session.

5. Finish Writing Before You Get There

Neither you, or your engineer, wants to spend the recording time not knowing what exactly you are going to record and play. "Writing in the studio is an expensive way of achieving very little." Complete all of your song writing before you begin your recording session.

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